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Academic Peak Performance program

The purpose of the Academic Peak Performance Program is to encourage high-achieving students in Years 11 and 12 to achieve their full academic potential.

In keeping with the School’s commitment to positive psychology, we aim to educate our peak performers that intelligence is not fixed and achievement is the product of effort.

Encouraging a growth mindset built on optimism, curiosity, perseverance and resilience is the key to the program.

Each student in the program receives an individual learning plan that outlines their strengths and specific peak performance learning goals which, of course, provides a clear path for individual improvement and future development.

An associated aim of the program is to create a healthy learning culture of academic curiosity.

The Lyceum Breakfasts provide an opportunity for our young minds to be exposed to challenging ideas from interesting people.

The Lyceum Breakfast is open to all students – whether or not they are part of the Peak Performance program – and parents and staff are also warmly invited to attend.

For further enquiries regarding the Peak Performance program or the Lyceum Breakfasts contact Craig Townsend on 9788 7620.


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