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History of the School Uniform

The original colours for the School were royal blue, tan and white. The first School jumpers were royal blue (not navy) with white and tan stripes on the neckline. The School tie was blue with thin white and tan stripes. The School became unhappy with the tan colour because it was difficult to reproduce consistently, the colour varied too much on different uniform items. So it was decided to change the tan to red because it was much easier to get a consistent shade of red.

The compulsory uniform for all formal occasions was a plain grey suit with no badge or crest at all. Junior boys wore a grey jacket with shorts instead of long pants. In 1961 the Foundation Students wore a blue cap with tan trim and a plain white mitre at the front, because the School crest had still not been designed. After 1961 the cap carried the coloured crest on the front panel. The cap remained part of the uniform until the late 1970s.

The blue blazer with the School crest on the top pocket was originally a sports blazer, designed to be worn with cricket whites. It proved so popular with the students that they were soon permitted to wear it casually as part of their everyday uniform, but the grey suit remained the formal uniform until the late 1970s.

Students who received Colours awards had red piping on their jackets. A blue shirt was worn by all students until 1965 when the very first Year 12 students wore a white shirt.

The first sports top was a blue jumper with tan collar and cuffs with no School crest. The sports jumper was reversible for practice matches and inter-House games at school. It had a white stripe, on the reverse side, to make the teams easy to tell apart. The football socks were blue with a tan band at the top.

In 1990 the mid-blue of the blazer, jumper and tie was changed to navy. The striped blazer was first introduced in the late 1980s as a Colours or Awards blazer, but proved so popular that it soon became the standard uniform for Senior students.

1994 was the year that the first girls entered the School. The original girls’ summer uniform was the check dress we have today, but it had white collar and cuffs and was worn with long navy socks. This was changed that same year to the navy collar and cuffs we have today.

In 2008 short socks replaced the former long socks as part of the summer uniform. Then in 2010 the “February Shirt” was introduced in response to the warmer weather of late summer.  This was a short sleeved shirt with the School crest and “The Peninsula School” embroidered above the pocket; it could be worn without a tie during February only. In 2013 the embroidered shirt became the standard shirt for both summer and winter uniform.

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